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The secure platform for visual business processes, engaging work instructions, & connected product manuals.

The BPR for your Team

The BPR for Your Team

Improve how you work with your team


Effortlessly capture & build beautiful work instructions, and add pictures and text to make it your own


Our cloud library & smart labeling system ensures your data stays organized & accessible from all your devices


Gather ideas from your team about ways that your business can improve their processes


Your business does not start and stop on the computer screen. Use The BPR mobile app to Capture content on the move. Utilize QR codes to create scannable, direct links to specific documentation

The BPR for your Customers

The BPR for your Customers

Share beautiful product manuals with your customers - securely


Effortlessly capture & build beautiful product instructions. Create branded libraries and allow your customers to interact with your physical product digitally. All Powered by the BPR

Visual Support

Capture picture based incidents from your customers, and support them like never before


Gather visual ideas from your customers about all ways that your business can improve their products

Physical Linking

Link your products to visual documentation with secure & encrypted QR Codes

Security & Privacy

Security & Privacy

We work with some of the most discrete companies in the world. Learn how we keep your data secure

Your Security is our top priority.

We keep your data safe and private. You choose what to share and who to share it with.



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We have plans for every business, starting at $229 per month. Visit our pricing page to see which of our options work best for you.

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Security & Privacy

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