Meet the Team

Operations and Strategy
Alias: El Mono Bandido
Andrew loves improving how things work. He enjoys talking to just about anyone and he's good at listening and also explaining stuff. He's impressed by people who can think about the future beyond their own lifetime. He likes traveling, cooking and climbing mountains. Superhero? Either Jon Stewart or Walter Kronkite - both great explainers!
  • • Keeping his inbox to under 20 messages
  • • Using bullet points
Product & Project Manager
Alias: Swaps
Swapnali is passionate about learning, and she combines optimism with realism. “I'd rather work on solutions than dwell on problems. I look for joy in the little things.” She enjoys a good book on a quiet evening, or telling stories and monkey- ing around with her son. :-) Superhero? Her Dad.
Making dreams happen!
Developer & Technical Lead
Alias: Q
Umesh is our cloud explorer, for all things AWS, Google, and Microsoft. In his spare time he even reads blogs on cloud security!! Umesh is big on travel, tea (any time of the day), and Sci-Fi and Marvel movies. He loves cricket too. Superhero? Iron Man.
Solving problems!
Developer & Cloud Architect
Alias: Mr. Stark
Pawan's love of tech came from watching Ironman and Batman, and he connects with almost all comic characters. He’s loved gadgets since childhood. He's into fashion, travel, reading and he loves compliments ;-) Some of the OO team have recommended he try out as an actor! Superhero? Tony Stark!
Taking a wild idea and making it real!
Node.js Developer
Alias: Anthony Bordain
Vikas actually wanted to be a food developer but ended up being a web developer! Food remains his first love, and he finds ways to channel his creativity in the kitchen into digital innovation. He loves travel, cricket and going for a drive. Superhero? His brother.
Sense of Humor!
Alias: La Femme Nikita
Nikita is a fan of shopping, beaches, and sunsets. She likes reading stories, especially thriller novels, and drawing sketches too. Superhero? Spiderman!
Official DJ of the BPR product team!
Graphic & Motion Designer
Alias: Spekz
Jackie is all about making the world a better, more beautiful place. She loves inspiring others, storytelling, and exploring her imagination. Art, design, fashion, and animals are the fuel that keeps her driven! You'll find Jackie drawing or painting, sewing, or spending time with animals or in nature.
Finding the beauty in everything!
Designer, Developer & Support
Alias: Sidd
Siddhesh is mad on gaming and he's also a big football fan. He's into music. and likes to go cruising on his bike. Superhero? Gabe Newell
Playing video games for 14 hours straight!
Support software engineer
Alias: Supu
Supriya is the newest member of the Optimum Output team. She loves learning and experimentation with new things - because doing the same things again and again gets boring! Her hobbies including making craft, and traveling. Superhero? Her Dad.
She's a fast learner!
Alias: The Money Man
Neerav enjoys observing and analyzing. His philosophy: Can we do it?! Let's look into it and see how we can make it work! He loves sports and DJing, so you'll find him doing one of the two in his free time. Superhero? Superman!
Falling asleep - anytime, anywhere.
IT Lead
Alias: Donald E Ryan
Don is a problem solver through and through. No problem is too big or too small. Go ahead challenge him! Go on!! He likes solving just about any puzzle, he's into model airplanes and RC helicopters, and he plays the guitar. Superhero? His Dad.
Keeping Tejas out of trouble
Alias: 007
Tejas loves innovation. Right now he's probably dreaming of what's coming next to help OO’s team, product, and customers get where they want to go. Coffee is his fuel and travel helps him stay inspired! He's a fan of James Bond, and loves sports and giving old gadgets a new life.
Dreaming about the future!
Our Team
Alias: OO Avengers
We are all here to support our customers. Our mission is to improve every day, so our customers win.
Improving every day at the speed of light!